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Post 25 made on Wednesday January 11, 2012 at 11:17
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On January 10, 2012 at 14:10, camborita said...
Hi Randy,

I have had the prior consumer versions of the URC remotes for years (URC 100, URC 300, RF20 & RF30). I've always been pleased with these units, but from time to time have been looking to upgrade. When the R50 came out, I had hoped it was the solution for me, but the one thing which kept me from getting it was (quoted from Amazon review):

"If the screen is off, your first keypress turns the screen on, but the command isn't sent to the device. This is extremely irritating! With the old MX-500, I could set it down, and whenever the phone rang I could just pick it up and hit pause. With the new R50, I hit pause, nothing happens, then I have to hit pause again."

Does the R40 also have this same issue? That's pretty much a show-stopper for me.

My R40 does not do this on any of the hard buttons on the body of the remote; it responds instantly with the first press of the buttons in all situations. But the 6 buttons surrounding the color screen do indeed act like that Amazon reviewer stated but only if the screen is dark, whereupon you have to press one of these buttons (or any other button on the body for that matter) once to "wake up" the R40 (which lights up the screen and buttons), then press the button again to send the command. However, if you've lit up the screen by pressing any button on the body of the remote then these 6 screen buttons respond instantly on the first press. But if you wait for the screen light to time out and it goes dark, then you do have to press a screen key twice to send the command. Hope that makes sense.

For this reason i didn't put any primary functions on any of these 6 screen buttons, but there are so many hard keys on the body that i don't need to use any of the 6 screen buttons for normal use, i just use them for settings menus and other secondary functions, or a duplicate of a command i already have stored on a hard button on the body.

Also in the R40's System Menu, the screen illumination duration can be set to either 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 seconds. And the button illumination duration can also be set to the same intervals (separate from the screen illumination). You can also set the button lighting to come on automatically when you press any button, or leave it set to Off and they won't light up unless you press the LIGHT button on the right side of the remote.

Secondly, do you know if the R40 has a RF board in it like the older URC remotes? Having the built in 418MHz RF frequency is a huge plus for me since it allows me to use my 418MHz NextGen Remote Extender without the weird battery device that would normally be needed to make it function. I'm thinking the R40 does not have RF capability based on the name (R instead of RF) and also the specs shown on the URC website, but wanted to check with someone who has it.
TIA for any help/insight you can provide.

As far as i know the R40 has no RF capability whatsoever.
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