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Post 8 made on Sunday January 8, 2012 at 19:32
Cico Buff
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October 2001
On January 8, 2012 at 03:11, 3FG said...
So given that signature (which is UEI's way of identifying the firmware in the remote), we can say that while the external appearance may be similar to a 7556, internally it is completely different. The 7556 is a JP1.2 remote with a Motorola micro, while 3179 is a JP1.3 remote with a Samsung micro.

If you're fiddling with VPT or channel lock, the instructions supplied with the remote may be incorrect. See the 9XX command instructions for a correct explanation. Note that this remote can do device specific macros, which only run in a given device mode. Program it like a 995 command except use 978.

Anyway, it is true that you can't reassign the cable button to a different device type through the 992 command. It can be done with a JP1.3 cable (Tommy Tyler makes the best cable-by far- and sells it for $30). You can also use the two device 994 keymove command to setup the cable button with any signal that can be sent by another device button. You just have to program each button.

If you have a particular CD component in mind, post the model number, and we can probably suggest a setup code that will operate it.


I tried Channel Locking to a set of devices, from the instructions on that wiki page. It worked. According to the wiki, only the RCA RCRP05B model can do this, and not the Digital 5 models. So I guess that confirms the "Acoustic Research ARRS05G" is a very close cousin of the RCA remote. The AR manual does not appear to contradict what is written of the first two channel locking options on the wiki 9xx COMMANDS page, but completely omits the third option of channel locking to a set of devices. Not unlike the Cinema and RS remotes, that could do all kinds of things they never bothered to mention in the manuals.


Thanks for the wiki link, as I discovered a few things I did not know my remote can do. ie. the Device Power feature (972). I don't think there is anything mentioning this capability in the manual. Unfortunately, it only works with my TV. (I get 4 blinks on deactiving this feature, and 2 blinks after activating it, the reverse of what's written in the wiki). Also, the CBL/SAT key blinks twice when pressing it, while the Device Power feature is activated. I think this double blinking indicates the Device Power feature works on that device, as there are only 2 of the 5 devices that blink twice when I press their keys now; TV and CBL. (I can't confirm if its sending a power command on the CBL device as well, as that is my CD player, which does not power on remotely. Btw, the CD player is a Marantz CD-53. On the Cinema 7 it uses device code: 0157). I can confirm that another undocumented feature, the Device Specific Macro 978 code, also works. So that's just great to know, if I ever need it.

The downside to the wiki page 900 commands is what happened when I tried to see if code 988/977 for Saving and Restoring Configurations would work. It did indeed accept the codes, despite this also being an undocumented feature. I tested the feature by adding an EFC to a button, with the intention of restoring the configuration to see if the EFC would disappear. Indeed it did. However, every other key that I programmed (via EFC or learning) (apart from the device keys) also disappeared. So although the 988 appeared to save the configuration, 977 did not properly restore it (it gave me 4 blinks on the Cable/SAT key). Instead, it destroyed about 2 days worth of time I spent programming this remote in the blink of an eye. Let's just say the Save/Restore Configuration feature is not going to be my favourite function on this remote. At least I wrote down everything I did in a text file, so I have a starting plan....

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