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Post 1 made on Sunday January 8, 2012 at 04:05
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January 2012
Iíve got a RC9500 from eBay (great place to buy a pig in a poke). The remote operates like a charm, is in excellent cosmetic condition, but one issue makes me very upset. When the LCD backlight turns off it fades out normally but at the very last moment it lights up at the full brightness, for a couple of eyeblinks, then shuts off. At the same time buttonís backlight fades out normally. Iíve tried to reload FW, disconnect battery, push reset etc.
Iím not a newbie with top Marantz remotes and delicate electronics in general but without a diagram or a service manual I donít dare to seek the faulty SMD component on the PCB (I hope it might be any capacitor or so and not the processor).
Could you be so kind to give me a clue what might be wrong, is it a widespread defect or am I the one so ďluckyĒ? What worth is to try to fix it?
Thank you in advance.

UPD: Just tried to load old Firmware v3.2.1.7 and glitch dissapeared. So, the hardware is OK I presume. Unfortunately after loading back FW v3.10.5.0 from the local File Area, faulty fade out has returned.
I wonder is anywhere newer or custom version of FW? Does anyone else among RC9500 users suffer same trouble?

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