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Post 17 made on Sunday December 11, 2011 at 17:11
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On December 9, 2011 at 21:47, jsuarez said...
Thanks. I was thinking that might be the case. Starting the device from scratch would be the only option. Pain in the a....

I've come to realize with this R40 that creating a device from scratch and creating my own command icons on it's screens and learning everything is actually quicker and yields more personalized results than testing dozens of useless codes in the hopes of finding one that actually mimicks the original remote's functions. When i attempted Quick Setup for my Onkyo 605, i tested a couple dozen codes one at a time only to discover that none of them matched my 605 so i gave up and just custom created the whole device and my own function icons, and learned all the commands. I counted 62 different codes for my Onkyo AVR. Had i just created my Onkyo from scratch it would have saved me a few hours. It would be much quicker if they'd given us the ability to input a numeric code (like with my MX-500) so we could see if the icons match the original remote than going through the lengthy trial and error method they have us do. This is a glaring omission on the R40 and their new method is extremely frustrating and time consuming.

Funny thing going on with my R40. I find that some commands did not save during my initial setup so I "relearn". What's weird is that after relearning, other command(s) would get mysteriously erased somewhere in the device. Happens randomly but mostly on the cursor pad. I'm not imagining it because I write them down. Most times it would take 5-6 tries to get all the commands saved. Memory is only at 50% with only 4 components. Anyone else run into this???

The exact same thing has happened to me about 3 times now when re-learning a command that didn't originally take. And not only that, i've had my Tivo S3 mode working perfectly then yesterday i created my Onkyo 605 AVR device completely from scratch (did not use the default for this) and learned all the commands into the R40 and got it all working perfectly, then when i went back to Tivo mode the Slow command i had on the right skip key was now gone. So i re-learned it on the first try, but then i lost the command i'd placed on the Menu key so i had to re-learn that one as well. It happens kinda randomly.
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