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Post 21 made on Saturday December 10, 2011 at 23:53
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On 1281667495, garyrs said...|
Please reply if you find something different than the above described behaviour or if you have found a way to make it work like the VL600 does. Thanks, Gary

Hi all,

Yes the System Control change from the RM-VL600 to the RM-VLZ620 is deliberate.

I reckon when my second RM-VLZ620 arrives later this month, that it will function the same way.

It did have me wondering for a while what was happening, compared to the RM-VL600 as it was convenient to just press 1~4 for the AMP and Device we wanted to use.

I have worked around it 'their way' and programming the macro into the Device Select button, so if we move to the Sony PVR then the AMP is sent an input switch and we have the keypad matrix for the PVR.

Similarly, the only other device we use is the Satellite receiver, again, the Device Select button for SAT has a macro to move the AMP input to that device and we again have the keypad matrix to work the Satellite receiver.

I found programming required deliberate key sequences and any variation (as written in the manual) would see the RM-VLZ620 end learning mode and revert to command mode. For example, using the wrong key would end the session, once that is mastered, it is only necessary to have a very small pause between inputs, no need for extra long button presses, just a gap so that the processor in the remote had time to register the key stroke.

Finally to access the macro in the Device Select button, it (the button) must be pressed for two seconds, prior to that it just functions to enable the keypad matrix for the device eg; DVR --> press once and control the DVR, or press it for two seconds or more and the AMP is enabled to run audio and feed the video to the tv - excellent!

There is a Strong HD Satellite box on its way, so it will be interesting to see if it can control it, as the RM-VL600 couldn't cope with any of the codes in my last Strong STB, here's hoping.

It is a nice remote and a big improvement on the RM-VL600, now to teach everyone else the new machine, better make one of those colour A4 cheat sheets with key labels to leave around the living room!

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