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Post 4 made on Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 17:43
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Thanks for the info , at normal viewing distances no human eye will even tell the difference (well if you own an eagle that watches TV with the family then that is another case, lol). If 15 would have fit then they should have used all 10 signals on the same one, well .... , eh...... it might be the case they are using the same TP for all 10 of them (I will have to double check), it is just that they are split into 2 different uplink signals with the same parameters, only the frecuency changes, so it appears as if it is 2 TP. BTW the picture quality on those (C band at 107.3W Anik F1) is great and I could not tell any difference with CBLT or CBLFT when they still were 1080i. For someone who wants to enjoy these free timeshifted 5 CBC and 5 RDS HD signals all you need is a C band Dish (at least 6 feet) and an HD MPEG4 8PSK Satellite receiver, the openbox s10 only costs 120 cad these days.

These are C band transponders, if a way cheaper 36 Mhz wide Ku band (this band is affected by heavy rain/snow) TP roughly costs around 1 million dollars a year then going 720p will represent a big savings , besides most sports networks typically choose 720p due to lots of motion on the sport scenes.

I guess they were sending our Toronto signals to the CN tower via either digital microwave or fiber or even a direct coaxial line therefore with some added cost to it , so if they already had to pay for satellite uplinking then why not use that one instead. That I can understand, but leaving communities accross the country in the dark, no way!.

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