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Post 22 made on Monday April 25, 2011 at 11:35
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On April 24, 2011 at 12:09, highfigh said...
What's wrong with it? Explain what, don't just say it's wrong. The operation in parentheses has to be performed first because anything under the / is the same as using a horizontal dividing line and you can't just grab part of the equation and work it out randomly.

the operation in paranthesis is done first, thart is 9+3=12.

48/2(9+3) means 48/2(12) we did the parenthesis, now we move on
if 48/2(12) mixes you up because you see ( to represent multiplication, then replace it with *, in the end it is the same operation, both (and x) represent multiplication.
so if I asked 48/2*12 would you still say it is 2? you should do the operations (since they are all multiplication/division and so on the same level ) in the order they appear. So 48/2=12 since / pops up first and then 24*12=288

it would have been expressed as (48/2)(9+3)=

even though mathematically, that representation would be equally correct to the original, no mathematician would ever use it. The parenthesis in (48/2) is redundant and useless and Mathematicians are lazy by nature, that is why they would also not write it as 48/2*(9+3) why add an extra symbol when it implies multiplication without it.

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