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Post 21 made on Monday April 4, 2011 at 15:53
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Having the lights there is fine but i don't think anyone needs access to them all the time. Home... lights... adjust them... this will only happen a few times and doesn't warrant having them visible all the time. If you have found that your clients want frequent access to lights then maybe use a soft key for them. Put a "CLOSE" return button on the lights menu page so they can go back to where they were.

I don't like using the 3 soft keys at the bottom for menu specific commands. I like to keep them as global buttons. I use the right button for "PAGE" it functions just like the side trigger and toggles thru the pages in one direction. So 1..2..3..1..2..3. This frees up the middle button.

I also add that PAGE button to inwall panels in the top right corner. This makes it easy to keep 2 interfaces consistent. It lets me keep page buttons & tabs off the small inwall panels also. The side trigger "PAGE" button was a great idea.. too bad the hardware wont support it lol. We have to work around it and use a different button.

I like to use the middle button for "OFF" to avoid using the top 'power' button for fear it will break like the side trigger. It also makes it easy for clients to understand that you only press and hold that button to reboot the remote. Having it also shut the system down on press can cause confusion.

I like to use the left button for "adjust". This is where i give some clients the ability to have full control over a projector, AVR, film screen, lifts etc. Basically a power user who wants full control.
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