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Post 12 made on Wednesday March 9, 2011 at 17:13
hd fan
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March 2006
OTA users are not worthy, is a sad reallity specially in a "free democratic country" where the elected officials are supposed to work hard on the taxpayer behalf and for their benefits. To make it even worst and unacceptable CFTO like any other OTA TV or Radio station has 1 and only reason to exist and that is to fulfill its license requirements first and foremost by servicing its OTA audience with good quality programming. After all it is our spectrum, well your spectrum because I am not a Canadian Citizen, therefore it should serve us first and foremost, no questions asked, no doubt about it either, but in a society where the dollar rules policies like this are impossible to implement.

Good thing (for them) I am not the regulator , because in my books , most of this stations would have lost their license long time ago or would have finally had to comply to finally serve its audience once again. Think about it, the introduction of the BDU's pretty much like the introduction of competing phone services has not reverted in benefits to the citizens , service plans cost as much as before, fees the same , service quality the same or worst. Basic phone service still costs as much as 10 years ago or even more now and I still remember they promised that phone liberalisation would lower phone rates. Maybe in another country! but certainly not here.

There are ongoing hearings here in Toronto about OTA and its future, I would encourage everyone to get involved somehow, after all you have that freedom, otherwise the future will be just a few OTA stations in just a few major cities throughout the country . At this rate, even Cuba, would have more national TV Stations (6 plus 14 province-wide) and transmitters serving its population nationwide, unfortunalley with communist-only bias approach but at least it reaches almost all its population. And they dont have the money but again in their benefit they started TV services in Cuba 5 years earlier than in Canada just 2 years behind NBC in USA.

In regards of the OP topic, HDGeorge hit the nail when saying both ends are at fault but in any case it is the broadcaster ultimate responsibility to properly configure its services so it reaches and serves its audience properly.

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