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Post 7 made on Tuesday February 22, 2011 at 04:07
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July 2008
If this is for an Apple TV2 you don't need to learn the codes. You can use any, see here.

Is there a reason you need these codes?

If the other codes learnt correctly the hex code should start with "900A" (Nec1 Protocol) and should look something like this;

900A 006D 0000 0001 EE87 0361

EE87 is the Custom Code (Device & Sub Device No.) and will not change.

03 is the Command Code (Function No.) for "Menu" and will change for each different Command.

61 is the Address for the Apple TV which will change for each ATV when Pairing the remote to each, as far as I know. ATV has 256 possible Addresses (00-FF in hex) from what I have read. I think Apple do use a default Address that can be used with most of their products but I'm not sure what it is...haven't used them enough to test.

So If you have a learnt hex code starting with 900A try changing 03 (or whatever yours may be) to the following and see if they work.

02 or 03 = Menu
04 or 05 = Select/Play/Pause
0A or 0B = Up
0C or 0D = Down
08 or 09 = Left
06 or 07 = Right


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