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Post 3 made on Monday February 14, 2011 at 21:07
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February 2011
Here's one possible sequence: Since I don't know what components you're trying to control, I'll assume that you've already setup Audio 1658 on the Audio device, just as an example.
1) Press Setup until 2 blinks
2) Tap Audio <---- this is the unusual step
3) Enter 994 (does it blink twice?) NO

| 4) Tap Setup
5) Enter 45518 (could be just about any 5 digit starting with 6 or less)
6) Tap the Blue button (or just about any other button.)

Does the remote blink twice? NO

Most UEI remotes don't use step 2) and will assign the advanced code to the current device mode. I'm guessing that step 2) is needed for the OARI06G. However, it the remote doesn't blink twice following step 3), try omitting 2) and check if the remote blinks twice after entering 994.

After ommiting step 2 it does blink twice at step 3 and after 6.

Your "45518" got me wondering though, am I using the correct discrete codes.  For example, I've always used 113/109 for Sony On/Off.  For this remote, are there newer, 5 digit codes?  Thanks for the help.

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