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Post 5 made on Sunday December 5, 2010 at 00:09
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August 2009
The simple way to decode these Pronto Hex strings is to use IRTool.  Paste the hex strings into the box and click decode.  Make sure that you have deleted for example "Power40.1 KHz1" from the beginning of the string-- the first four digits should be 0000, which signifies a raw learned signal. 

The codes are Sony20, device 26.19.  It seems to me there is every reason to believe that the codes are learned correctly.  The Pronto Hex decodes cleanly, it is a device.subdevice which Sony is known to use in that class of equipment, and the function numbers do not conflict with known function numbers.

Power is function 21
Preset -40  62
Preset +40  61
Scan 113
Sleep 96
Tune - 116
Tune + 115

So I'm inclined to think that the problem is somewhere else.

But why are you paying somebody to learn the codes?  I can recommend two ways to do this yourself, and it is quick to do. 

1) Buy a IR widget from Tommy Tyler.  Costs $29 and will tell you what IR signal is being sent, and if it repeats, or has toggle bits, or your macros aren't really all firing, etc.  Software is free, and is actively supported, primarily by the JP1 community.

2) Buy a JP1 remote (e.g. RCA RCRP05B, $20 at BestBuy or Walgreens) and a JP1.3 interface cable, also $29 from Tommy Tyler.   This will learn IR signals via the learning feature of the remote, and the free program IR.exe (version 8.03) will convert the signal to Pronto.  This approach won't allow you to see the timing in macros (at least not easily), but it would allow you to test that a code works, without involving your main remote and eyes.

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