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Post 1 made on Friday October 1, 2010 at 22:51
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Moving this thread over from DBSTalk's forum since they lock all the threads every time a new CE comes out.

look to bottom of this post for demo GUI file and instructions on what to do with it

This is on an iPad running CommandFusion

DirecTV CommandFusion demonstration GUI

CommandFusion Wiki Page for this GUI

Download the demo zip file
Register and download GUIDesigner
Download CommandFusion iViewer from the appstore to your iPad.

This is setup for my HR20 on my local network so you will need to change the IP address to reflect what your receivers IP address is.

Step 1:
Open the DirecTVDemo.gui file in a text editor (notepad).
Do edit... replace...
Find What box should be:
Replace With box should be: the IP address and port of your directv receiver (default is 8080)
Save the file.

Step 2:
Open GUI Designer
Click File... Open Project...
Browse to the DirecTVDemo.gui file and open it.
Click File... Upload Service
Click the start button

Step 3:
On your iPad go to settings
Go to CF iViewer
set the File URL to match the one shown in the CommandFusion GUIDesigner Upload Service Window (include the port)
Set "reload GUI file" ON
Remember last gui file OFF
Preload Images ON
Button Press Sound ON
Close Settings
Launch iViewer

Step 4:
Once iViewer has loaded the GUI close iViewer
Go to settings on your iPad
Go to CF iViewer
Turn OFF reload GUI file (you turn this on when you want to upload a revision to your GUI and off again after you have done so)

A few notes,
* on the favorite channels buttons I only set up the first 4 or 5. Hopefully you can figure out how to tweak the favorite buttons, artwork and commands to select the channels you want.
* the favorites channels is a scrolling list. You can increase the width of the DIRECTV_FAV subpage and add more buttons if you wish.
* the empty space on the left is your playlist. Click the circle arrow button at the top to load it. Be patient if your receiver is anything like mine it doesn't get in much of a hurry about sending the playlist.
* I didn't test this out thoroughly, just a quick run through before uploading it.

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