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Post 13 made on Friday September 24, 2010 at 13:34
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December 2008
On September 24, 2010 at 09:27, rap said...
You make some good points Blu.

I'm just holding to the true definition of simulate which is to do something "as if" you are really doing it without actually doing it. Did that make sense?

So with my definition, to have a true Pronto simulation environment we would need to have emulators for the hardward devices that the simulator could interact with. With hardware emulators you could then monitor/change the state of inputs/outputs and test the panel completely without having projectors going on/off, drapes opening and closing...etc numerous times which can't be good for the equipment.

Ok here I fully agree with you, you need to simulate the hardware as well for a simulator to be a simulator. I mainly come from the embedded world and there in the simulators you can adjust the variables that depend on the real world so you can fully simulate the system.
Well about the "cant be good for the equipment", the equipment must be built in a way it works for n-tries, I mean the usage you make of the hardware compared to the lifetime it will have at the customer's home is infinitesimally small and if it fails in your lab, can't be good for the customer :).

Agreed Barry, the simulator needs to be extended (or even better, rehauled).

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