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User Name:whistle4me
Location:Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
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About Me:Blimey, where do I begin?
I'm a home automation freak, with lots of X10 devices controlled by HAI Omni IIe.
Home theatre contains Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX609A, Onkyo TX-NR801 driving all Jamo built-in speakers.
Pioneer Blue Ray player (rarely used) and Popcorn Hour C200 media centre.
Reasonable collection of music CDs and videos stored on QNAP NAS located elsewhere in the house. Iím an enthusiastic member of the and though their file sharing services watch all the best of UKTV BBC and ITV programs.
Also have an old and well loved set of QUAD 66 system played through Yamaha NS1000 (ELS63s in need of repair) I use a Pronto NG remote to control the old QUAD gear and a TSU 9400 in the theatre. The TSU 9400 has the HAI pronto script which enables me to have full automation Ė light scenes and the like via the remote, it works very well indeed.
I also have a TSU 9200 which I have failed totally to get working. While I have not persevered with the TSU9200, itís so alien to the 9400 Iíll probably dump it in favour of another TSU9400 or better still upgrade to a 9600.
Next steps, Iím considering adding a Topfield or Beyonwiz HD PVR (havenít decided which yet) to record and play the large number of French and Danish films shown on Australiaís SBS, the best FTA channel in Australia!.
I used to have professional access to the Pronto portal but seem to have lost that access which is a shame. I have to date been an enthusiastic user of RemoteCentral though I confess to not having 'given back'. I'll see if I can remedy that.
Thatís a thumbnail sketch
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