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User Name:Bruce H.Campbell
Email:Not Shown
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About Me:Built a sinclair zx in 1980..couldn't program worth a damn so waited for others to develop apps for the plug-in modules, got into Atari 16/32 bits in '86, still own Falcon '030. Migrated to Winblows in '98 (resistance was futile) HTPC enthusiast .

Using a MyHD MDP-130 pc card in a refurbished AMD based eMachine,(died of old age in April '12,replaced with ASRock mobo and Sempron 145 in a Canada Computers stock 450Watt p/s & case combo). Have a second MyHD in my [new in December'08]Asus P4 { P4 replaced with another Sempron 145 and Asus mobo even better than the first,August 2013}, they run cooler and I know that nVidia chipset drivers are backward compatible, to fit my legacy gear.
I found out the multi-core thing with the 130s only applies to DVD playback, other users of the MyHD are using dual/multi-core cpus now and other tuners {like the HD Homerun models} while keeping their 130s as a file playback device, to use the MyHD's remote. So that's probably the next thing, get a STB blue-ray player. The original HDHR I can't find for sale though there is the new dual tuner model, available at newegg(dot com & dot ca) for under a hundred bucks now. May try a similar set up to another user from the user forum.

If I do get, then I'll be free to build a more dedicated workstation. Might even try that 95W six-core AMD someday.

Small starter indoor antenna...can't get TO with it though.
Generic saucer-shaped vhf/uhf roof antenna, monitors: Two Acer X223WBDs, new in 2008, (because two CRT monitors died within a week of each other) & still great performers, 15-inch CRT Acer from '95 in storage but that one might be bad too.
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