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About Me:The world of technology is complicated and it's only getting more so every day. So understanding how current and emerging technologies can be used to reduce costs, power innovation and drive sales in the workspace, buildings and properties has become a full-time discipline in itself and that's where we can help.

Time, budget, culture, space, technology and process can easily hinder your mission with unused space, wasted resources, unintuitive interfaces, slow systems and regular staff turnover.

Ask yourselves this, have you considered:

• Whether a lack of mobility is driving the casual use of dropbox and other apps, leaking sensitive data outside your control?

• Whether there is a way to unify email, voice, video, chat, fax, presence, sharing and collaboration into a single solution to improve productivity?

• Whether you could cut your floor space by up to 50% saving considerably on rent but retaining your culture, talent and productivity?

• Whether you could implement a paperless office or even a less-paper office?

• What the client experience will be like from entry to exit and beyond?

• Whether there’s a way to reduce the noise between spaces without walls?

• What the modern meeting room looks like and whether you could present wirelessly?

• How the typical lighting budget can be cut by 70%?

At PROTEUS we guide you through the latest thinking, knowledge and practices, helping you build for the future whilst ensuring accurate, best value solutions with maximum uptake.

Come find out how we can help you become more efficient, productive and happy by exploring our website at www.PROTUES.London or by getting in touch through linkedin, Twitter, Google+, email or phone.

PROTEUS is a Strategic Technology Consultancy specialising in IT & AV Consultancy, Design, Procurement and Management services for the Built Environment and companies in the process of change or relocation.

As a 100% vendor independent consultancy, we help our clients to cut costs and drive sales, promote innovation and foster collaboration by using the best technology available for the project, identified through extensive research into current and emerging trends and technologies.
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