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Philips Pronto NG & ProntoPro NG

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Richard Deakin
Richard's Vista MCE Pronto
I still have a few things to add to this but it is working pretty well at the moment. You can get to extra functions by pressing the Vista button at the top. The whole layout is sort of a Media Centre/Vista Media Centre hybrid. I find that the main screen in Vista too cluttered. All the buttons and transport controls have been drawn by hand. Hope you like it!
Updated: April 02, 2007  Size: 7.14mb
Microsoft HTPC Vista MCE
(Remote model 1039)
For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Edward Lee
Part of a complete color system PCF file.
Updated: April 24, 2008  Size: 3.46mb
Microsoft HTPC Vista MCE (HP)
For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Cambor
Part of a complete color system PCF file.
Updated: November 04, 2008  Size: 2.30mb
Philips Pronto Professional
Other Programs - ProntoEdit Professional 2.0 for Vista x64
For: All Models
By: Roti
Modified versions of the "ProntoEdit Professional 2.0.exe" and "ProntoDataService.exe" files allowing them to run on Vista x64 + brief instructions on how to replace the originals.
Updated: October 26, 2008  Size: 1.35mb
Philips iPronto TSi6400
Microsoft Home Theater PC Windows Vista MCE
For: Philips iPronto
By: Mark Budz
Part of a complete system ICF file.
Updated: March 10, 2008  Size: 6.57mb
URC MX Graphical Series
User Written Documentation - Using the MX-3000 & MX-980 with Vista
For: All Models
A Word document with instructions on how to get the MX-3000 and MX-980 working with Microsoft Vista.
Updated: February 01, 2009  Size: 29kb
UEI Nevo Family
User Written Documentation - Vista & NevoSL Networking
For: UEI NevoSL
This document provides a way to enable the networking aspect of Windows Vista machines with NevoStudio and later. These steps allow one to see the NevoLinks and enable the MediaZones. This update now includes links to various files and supporting documentation.
Updated: August 19, 2007  Size: 200kb
Other Remote Control Files
Sony - Sony AX & NX Series with Vista
For: All Models
By: Guy Lambert
Instructions on how to use the supplied software with a PC running Vista.
Updated: March 01, 2009  Size: 103kb
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