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For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Frank Moors
Frank Moors' Color System
A color version of my system PCF.
Updated: April 04, 2005  Size: 482kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Gary Morris
HTPC with Mouse Controls and Close Button
My TSU7000 uses learned keys from the Microsoft Keyboard, all of the individual system remotes including the Microsoft Remote and one additional remote that allows 8 direction Mouse Movements and the much desired "close" button. Please note that in order to make this work right, you must purchase the Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse and the USB IR Dongle that comes with it and the Mouse Remote (B001M56DI0) and the USB IR Dongle that comes with it [Link:].
Updated: January 03, 2010  Size: 1.00mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Kevin Magee
Kevin's Brown Pound
Configuration tries to match as closely as possible the actual factory remotes.
Updated: July 30, 2007  Size: 462kb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Marc Morgenthaler
Marc Morgenthaler's TSU7000
I have spent considerable time on custom backgrounds bitmaps and layout. Many features such as entry into device pages are designed to look like they scroll, device buttons have been custom designed etc...
Updated: October 03, 2004  Size: 2.96mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Matt Mellor
Matt Mellor's Aussie TSU7000
In this configeration i used some of the icons from Daniel Tonks version of the 6000 and 7000 and combined so you can see through the device buttons into the background. I also have Australian FTA TV channels and radio icons for melbourne. There is a sleep section which guides you through the steps and set the timer on the reciever and tv, and a zone 2 section to activate the second set of speakers smoothly.
Updated: January 20, 2006  Size: 2.04mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Michael Marciante
Michael's Lara Living Room
Complete automated system configuration with discrete power. DVD and CD changer control via pictures for movies and music CDs. TV channel logos included for Adelphia Cable. This started with Mr. Tonks' config as a base, but was customized to my system.
Updated: July 11, 2006  Size: 10.12mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Mike Morrison
Mike Morrison's Original PCF
This is my 2nd attempt at creating a PCF for the 7000. With this attempt, I have created most of the buttons myself. I did use Scott Harris' DirecTV icons (thanks Scott!) and borrowed from Jon Linville's DVD jukebox template. Besides borrowing from these sources, the rest is all mine. I am using many of the popular glass style buttons as well as a carbon fiber look for the DVD interface. The 400 disc jukebox has an alpha, numerical, music DVD, and sacd search engine. Most of the buttons have a "stamped imprinted" style lettering and symbols. Also, there are many one button steps for selecting HD and standard def programming.
Updated: April 28, 2004  Size: 3.77mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Randy Mangoba
Randy Mangoba's Task-Based Setup
This Pronto remote control configuration has a task-based user interface that maximizes ease of use for both casual and advanced users, while providing full access to all the audio/video devices' remote commands for complete end-user control. In addition to useful automated wizards and macros that turn on all the necessary devices and set their inputs and outputs accordingly based on what the user wishes to do, this remote has a number of useful features, including: a tab-based user interface for directly accessing the proper page of a remote device, user-friendly screens with progress bars for long running macros, an "activity" bar at the top of each page containing commonly used commands, extensive help text, a special page for allowing the Pronto's screen to be cleaned, and many more user-friendly features. Buttons are color-coded so that advanced use only functions are colored orange. This configuration is the TSU7000 colored version of the TSU3000 PCF I originally submitted in 2004, but has additional usability enhancements as well as support for significantly many more devices.
Updated: March 23, 2007  Size: 4.94mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Richard McLane
Richard's TSU9600 on TSU7000
I really like the simplicity of the TSU9600's design, so I've basically ported it to the TSU7000. This includes new battery icons, sending signal and pages. I've also used Daniel T's help page. I think it passes the babysitter test for ease-of-use!
Updated: December 24, 2006  Size: 1.10mb

For: Philips ProntoPro NG
By: Roddy McGavin
Roddy McGavin's Color PCF
A complete system PCF file for the following devices.
Updated: October 02, 2004  Size: 384kb
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