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2001 International CES Report


Three new receivers
Yamaha's presence at CES 2001 this year featured the release of three new lower-cost home theater receivers. The first, the RX-V620, delivers 100 watts into each of its five channels and utilizes Yamaha's 32-bit YSS-928 ASIC for DTS and Dolby Digital decoding, as well as for Yamaha's 26 different DSP modes. The RX-V620 also provides all-channel stereo, 24-bit/96kHz DACs, 6-channel analog input, five assignable digital inputs, five video inputs and two video outputs (all with S-Video), two component inputs for HDTV, plus four audio inputs and front panel A/V input. The model also features a pre-out for subwoofer, bass extension switch, on-screen display, preprogrammed universal remote, and a 40-channel tuner. The new model will be available at a retail price of $499 in March, 2001.

The RX-V520 is similar to the RX-V620, but delivers 80 watts per channel and drops the component video inputs. The RX-V520 will retail for $399 this March. Finally, the RX-V420 provides 65 watts per channel and still features 26 DSP modes and all-channel stereo, but drops down to three digital inputs, four composite video inputs and four audio inputs, while still maintaining the 6-channel analog input. The RX-V420 will retail for $299 and will also be available this March.

New DVD players
Yamaha's new flagship DVD player is the DVD-S1200, a single disc model featuring full compatibility with DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, CD, VCD, SVCD plus CD-R and CD-RW discs. This new model utilities a dual-laser pickup and includes progressive scan video output and a 3-2 pull-down converter. It also includes a 10-bit video DAC and 24-bit/192kHz audio DAC. Audio features include DTS, Dolby Digital and PCM output, CD Re-Master, plus VSS virtual surround and headphone surround. Connectors include component, S-Video and composite video outputs, 5.1-channel analog, two-channel analog and dual digital outputs. Operationally, the new player will offer Cinema Position, Monitor Selector, multiple picture zoom levels and a new advanced on-screen menu and icon system. The DVD-S1200 retails for $999.

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On a slightly more basic side, the DVD-S510 is a single disc player that handles DVD, CD, VCD and SVCD formats and can also play back both CD-R and CD-RW discs. It includes Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM output, 10-bit video DAC, 24-bit/96kHz audio DAC, component, S-Video and composite outputs, picture zoom and more. The DVD-S510 retails for $299.

New CD-R/RW HDD recorder
Always felt that dual-tray CD recorders just weren't good enough? Well, how about the new Yamaha CDR-HD1000: this specialized model includes both a CD recording tray and a 20 gigabyte hard drive for the ultimate in music editing. It features 10 times capture from CD to HDD and accelerated 8 times recording from HDD to CDR or 4X from HDD to CD-RW. The new model features automatic sampling rate conversion and is compatible with both display and write-in CD Text. It includes multiple inputs and outputs with complete control over analog and digital recording levels. The new model has a suggested list price of $999 and will be available in July 2001.

New LCD remote control
As the press release for Yamaha's RAV-2000 was released after CES 2001, we have included full details on Yamaha's new remote in a separate section on Remote Central. Click here to view it.

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Yamaha's first projector
Entering the home video projector market for the first time, Yamaha hopes its new DLP model will appeal to videophiles with its film-like picture quality. The model, dubbed DPX-1, uses a single large 0.9" DLP chip so that no alignment is required. A true tri-color wheel is incorporated, eliminating the unneeded "clear section" - used on data displays - providing greater area for each of the three primary video reproduction colors. As a result, the DPX-1 achieves a contrast ratio of 900:1, with a brightness level of 1000 ANSI lumens. The DPX-1 also utilizes digital video processing to optimize sources of "marginal image quality". For quiet operation, the projector uses a Scirocco-type fan combined with a special duct architecture and silencing chamber that makes the unit nearly silent during operation. For inputs, the new projector features component video input with BNC terminals, digital RGB and DVI, composite and S-Video. In addition it has an RS-232C serial interface for PC control, plus a 12V trigger that can activate other components when the player is powered on. The DPX-1 will be available in late second quarter 2001 at a suggested price of $10,000.

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Computer audio processors
For those who want to hear the best out of their computers, Yamaha has developed a product category they call "CAVIT" for "Convergence of Audio Video and Information Technology". Sort of a real fancy way to say "computer sound processor". Their top of the line model is the RP-U200, a full surround receiver which is compatible between PCs and Macs via a USB cable. As all audio processing is done in the receiver rather than on the computer, where RF interference is prevalent, the RP-U200 can provide a significant audio advantage. The new model delivers 14 watts into five channels and includes Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, as well as Virtual Dolby Digital and Yamaha's "Silent Cinema" for an emulated surround experience through headphones. Other audio capabilities include DirectSound 3D compatibility, Game Sound Format and extended Wave file multi-channel sound 24-bit/48kHz USB playback. To complete the "receiver" name, the RP-U200 even includes a FM radio tuner with 40 channel presets and, using the hard drive for storage, more than 200 stations. Other features of the new model include analog-to-digital, digital-to-digital and DSP recording, coaxial and optical digital inputs plus dual auxiliary inputs, 9-band 18-step digital equalizer, remote control, plus a headphone jack. The RP-U200 is available now at a suggested price of $499.

If you're only looking for a stereo experience, the RP-U70 amplifier/processor delivers 20 watts into two channels, but still provides full 2/4/5.1-channel processing of Dolby Digital and DTS signals in addition to many of the same operational features of the RP-U200. However, the RP-U70 does not include a stereo tuner and will retail for $349. If you already have a good pair of powered speakers, the new DP-U50 provides full Dolby Digital, DTS, USB, digital or analog capabilities, but does not include an amplifier or radio tuner. The DP-U50 is available now at a retail price of $249. To compliment the new product line, Yamaha also introduced two new computer speaker systems: the 2-channel NS-U30 with 3-1/2" cone drivers and 3/4" tweeters, and the 5-channel NS-U40P cube speakers with 2" drivers, for $89 and $99 respectively.

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