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2001 International CES Report


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I'm sure you need a new DVD player...
Toshiba has released a slew of new DVD video players, with five new models joining five existing ones. All 2001 DVD players feature a slimmer, more stylistic design, with the SD5700 being the company's first deck in a silver matte finish. Silver... hope you like it.

Now, all Toshiba DVD players include ColorStream component video output connectors. Attention to image quality continues with selectable 7.5 IRE or 0 IRE black levels. Two new models, the $449 SD5700 and $399 SD4700, include progressive scan capabilities with 540 lines of resolution and a built-in 10-bit/54MHz video DAC for an artifact-free image during fast-motion and high-detailed scenes. These two models are also compatible with DVD-Audio, which can deliver up to 192kHz/24-bit stereo sound. Other new models include the $229 SD1700, $249 SD2700 and $299 SD2705 5-disc changer.

Toshiba is also introducing two TV/DVD combinations units, namely the $599 MD20FL1, which employs a 20" "FST Pure" screen, and the $479 MD9LD1, a portable unit with a 9" screen and AC/DC compatibility.

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Toshiba's VCR lineup now includes two 6-head SVHS-ET models, the W818 and W814. Both new models feature the V3 chassis, with unique flying pre-amp design and 19 micron heads. The W818 also includes the exclusive new DNR Pro circuitry, which includes digital noise reduction for well-worn tapes plus color enhancement circuitry which improves color sharpness and reduces horizontal color bleeding. Common Toshiba VCR features are easy time-shift recording with on-screen programming and icons, VCR Plus+C3 for set-top box control, MTS/SAP tuners, auto head cleaners, super-fast rewind and auto-clock set. The new VCRs will be available for $349 and $299 respectively.

What about a lightweight projector?
A new lightweight projector model, the MT3, boasts a brightness of 850 ANSI lumens but weighs only 5.8 pounds. The MT3 features a new "dream LCD panel", a triple-layer LCD that results in unsurpassed color saturation, clarity, contrast and corner-to-corner uniformity. The MT3 is capable of displaying HDTV images in the EDTV format with the addition of a compatible HDTV set-top box. The projector's other connectors include composite, S-Video, RGB and a component adapter cable. The MT3 will be available this March for $4,995.

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And don't forget the huge plasma screen!
The new 50HP81 is Toshiba's first-ever 50-inch widescreen plasma display. Housed in a cabinet less than four inches thick, the 50HP81 is said to offer unprecedented clarity, contrast and brightness. The 50HP81 utilizes a high-resolution 1366 x 768 pixel array that produces a brightness of more than 500 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio over 2000:1. It's equipped with composite, S-Video, component HD and RGB inputs and is fully HDTV compatible, displaying a native 720p image. Although the set can upconvert any image, it's the perfect match to a progressive scan DVD player or HDTV set-top box such as the $999 DST3000 which includes NTSC, ATSC and DirecTV reception. The 50HP81 provides a choice of viewing options for the 4:3 format, while allowing native 16:9 widescreen material with the highest possible image quality.

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