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CES 2001 Philips ProntoPro Preview
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2001 International CES Report

 Photos from CES 2001: 

The new Pronto Pro TSU6000 features a newly styled case - and much like the VW Beetle, the Pronto Pro manages to retain its original design concept. The new color user interface is similarly enhanced, with 3D shading, loads of animation, plus stylistic icons and a slight rearrangement of basic items such as the mode menu and page numbers. Although some of the screen will again be used permanently by static interface, this region occupies a much smaller percentage of available space - although the actual customizable user area is reportedly not any larger yet. I can also report that operational speed is greatly enhanced over the monochrome version, with much less delay between the user scrolling a screen and it actually happening. I've also been told that the unit displayed is slower than the final shipping product will be!

As I've reported in news updates before, the Pronto Pro will be available for "under $1000" during the second quarter of 2001. Whether that means $999 (as reported in the press release, though this figure could not be confirmed by Philips) or $799, as was originally proposed, is yet to be seen. The Pronto Pro will feature RF communications through an optional RF receiver (not pictured) and 8 megabytes of memory. Since 8-bit color data occupies four times as much space as the 2-bit grayshades used in earlier models, the actual system capabilities of the Pronto Pro will be very similar if not greater than the 2mb TSU2000. It will feature both full learning capabilities and the preprogrammed code database, also already seen on the TSU2000.

The Pronto Pro's vibrant 256-color screen will display a "web-safe" palette of 216 colors. The remote actually weighs less than the TSU2000, partially thanks to the use of AAA rather than AA batteries. Battery life is estimated at two weeks through normal use, but as the desktop charger is included this somewhat short number shouldn't be of concern. The Pronto Pro even includes a motion/pick-up sensor to automatically activate the LCD with the remote is lifted. The Pronto did well at CES and walked away with a CES 2001 Innovations Award and was also considered a Best of Show honoree. Additional information on the Pronto Pro can be found on this news release.

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