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2001 International CES Report


Powerful lineup of DVD players
Panasonic is releasing six new DVD players this year, four of which feature progressive scan capabilities, and three of which support the DVD Audio format and all of which support both CD-R and CD-RW playback. The first progressive scan model will be the DVD-RP56, launched this summer. The model employs a 54MHz/10-bit and 12-bit video DACs for vivid, finely textured images. The model will include picture controls for brightness, color, contrast, sharpness and black level, five-step smooth motion-scan, plus Advanced Virtual Surround Sound, Bass Plus, Cinema Mode and much more. In addition to progressive scan, the new DVD-RP61 adds DVD Audio capabilities, built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders and direct 10-key pad. The next model, the DVD-CP71, builds on the previous by adding a 5-disc carousel changer to the mix. Continuing, the $799 DVD-RP91 adds read compatibility for DVD-RAM discs, MPEG digital noise reduction, 54MHz/12-bit video D/A converter and an illuminated joystick remote control. Other entry level models include the $249 DVD-RV31 and the economical 5-disc changer, the $299 DVD-CV51.

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New VCR models
Panasonic has released four new HiFi VCR models for the 2001 season. One, the PV-VS4821, is a S-VHS model, while the other three feature the VHS format - the PV-V4521, PV-V4611 and PV-V4621. All models feature front A/V jacks, on-screen display, auto clock set and either Commercial Skip or Commercial Advance and Movie Advance. The S-VHS model features VCR Plus+ Gold, the PV-V4621 features VCR Plus+ Silver, while the PV-V4611 features VCR Plus+. The two top models include rapid fast-forward and rewind which can rewind an entire T-120 tape in one minute. The S-VHS model also include "ET" technology for S-VHS recording on normal VHS tapes. The PV-VS4821 will be available in March 2001 at a suggested retail price of $249; the PV-V4621, PV-V4621 and PV-V4611 will be available for $129, $119 and $109, respectively.

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The "TV/VCR" combination unit is getting support for yet another format - DVD. Panasonic's top-of-the-line $1,299 PV-DF2700 features a 27-inch Tau PureFlat screen, dual-tuner PIP, three-line digital comb filter, high-quality DVD/CD player with Dolby Digital and DTS output, simulated surround sound, a HiFi stereo VCR, built-in FM radio plus an alarm clock and much more. A smaller "triple-play" model, the 20" PV-DF2000, will be available for $899 without the dual NTSC tuners.

New ShowStopper
Panasonic's new $799 PV-HS3000 joins the current PV-HS1000 and PV-HS2000 models, but upgrades to a 60-hour hard drive - double what the PV-HS2000 offers. All ShowStopper models employ MPEG-2 compression technology to record high quality video to a hard drive, which allows users to control television in real-time with pause, rewind, slow motion and 7-second instant replay. In addition, the system can be set to record favorite programs at any time - just tell it what you want and the ReplayTV service will tell the recorder when and where to find it.

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DLP rear-projection HDTV
The new PT-52DL10 rear-projection television incorporates DLP technology from Texas Instruments for amazingly bright and crisp images. The new 52" 16:9 widescreen model features compatibility with 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i formats from a set-top box, with native 1280x720 resolution, a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 400:1. The PT-52DL10 includes dual NTSC tuners, 3D Y/C digital comb filter, Director Home Theater remote with joystick, three sets of component video inputs, four A/V input jacks, three S-Video inputs, two RF inputs and a PC input terminal. The model also includes four-speaker Spatializer 3D stereo sound and AI sound, but is only 17.7 inches deep. The new model retails for a suggested price of $12,999.

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