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Virtual CEDIA Expo 2001 Report
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2001 CEDIA Expo Report


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New HDTV satellite receiver
Launched at CEDIA, the Zenith DTV1080 HDTV receiver is designed to receive all ATSC digital TV formats, both DirecTV HD and standard signals, and output them at 1080i, 720p and 480p for outstanding video quality. The receiver integrates an advanced NTSC tuner with 3D Y/C comb filter, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound output and automatic aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3) selection. It also includes DirecTV's Advanced Program Guide, V-chip, channel labels, favorite channel selection and multi-room signal capabilities. Outputs include both optical and coaxial digital audio outputs, RGB 15-pin, switchable component video, two RF inputs and one output, S-Video and two A/V outputs, plus a serial port. The DTV1080 is now available at a suggested price of $799.

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Although its product description sounds more like a bizarre acronym, the 60-inch D60WLCD HDTV widescreen RPTV monitor itself is no mystery. The new display is designed to accept HDTV, SDTV and NTSC inputs and display them on its huge screen, thanks to three internal 1.2" LCD panels with 1280x760 resolution. Featuring dual NTSC tuners, the model can also accept component, RGB, two S-Video and one composite inputs. The unit includes an advanced 3D Y/C comb filter, V-chip, picture-in-picture and a 15 watt audio system with dynamic bass. It also sports a peak brightness of 680 candles per square meter and a contrast ratio of 200:1. The D60WLCD will be available in November at a suggested retail price of $7999.

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61" widescreen HDTV
Also among Zenith's large-format display offerings is the IQD61W35 61" rear projection HDTV, which uses 7-inch liquid-cooled CRTs and has a 160-degree viewing angle. The new RPTV is capable of displaying 1920 by 1080i resolution. It includes an advanced ATSC VSB tuner and NTSC tuner, meaning that a separate HDTV tuner is not required. In addition, the set upconverts received images to 1080i resolution. Additional picture features include an advanced 3D Y/C comb filter, velocity scan modulation, 9-point digital convergence and PIP plus POP capabilities. On the audio side, the set features Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and built-in 20-watt speakers. Its jack panel includes two HD component inputs, three S-Video inputs and one output, 15-pin RGB input, three A/V inputs and outputs, a center channel input plus fixed/variable audio outputs. The unit will be available Q4 2001 at a suggested price of $5999.

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